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March 24, 2016
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LSU Tiger-turned-actor Michael Papajohn’s ear bitten off, so why is Seth Rogen giggling?


Seth Rogen’s giggles should have been unsettling.

After all, Baton Rougean Michael Papajohn’s ear had just been bitten off and a corn cob stuffed down his throat as a finale to the bloodiest battle he’d ever fought.

Yet Rogen couldn’t stop laughing, maybe because he knew he had something special, a scene that would go viral after airing as a trailer for AMC’s new series, “Preacher.” The show premiers Sunday on AMC, following the finale of “Fear the Walking Dead.”

The 1-minute, 20-second clip shows Tulip, one of the series’ main characters, being strangled from behind as she’s driving. The fight with her attacker takes them on a high-speed ride through a cornfield, ending with the strangler’s death.

That’s not a spoiler. Papajohn readily admits it’s his bad guy character that comes to the brutal end. And it’s his character that’s causing part of the Internet buzz.

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